Ambition and Insecurity No matter how much you do, it will always feel like you’re not doing enough. Because we’re aware that we’re capable of more. And we never quite feel secure enough in this world, because life is so fragile. It’s our awareness of our potential and our awareness of the fragility of life […]


Mistakes You’re always going to make mistakes. The question is: what are you going to do after you notice them? When beating yourself up over past mistakes, remember that the reason you’re beating yourself up is because you’re a good person. If you weren’t good, you wouldn’t care. And the fact that you want to […]

Going Deeper

Most of the time, we’re thinking and living from the surface, instead of living from the spirit. Living from the spirit requires us to expose ourselves to others and to face judgment for being different. You’re going to be judged, no matter what, so you might as well be your true self. By true self, […]

13 Sensible Daily Habits

Go to bed early and get up early. Staying awake while tired will make you feel more tired and irritable the next day. It’s almost never worth it to stay up late watching t.v. or getting extra work done. You’ll be more efficient if you start your day earlier and you won’t have to live […]


A sabedoria é mais que mera inteligência. Existem muitos tolos inteligentes. Sabedoria é a capacidade de tomar decisões acertadas. Envolve empatia e compaixão. Envolve a experiência do mundo real. Envolve a imaginação. Envolve a capacidade de conectar pontos em várias disciplinas. Envolve a capacidade de dividir situações complexas em formas simples de compreensão e aplicação. […]